Intervention Services

If a loved one is struggling with substance use disorder, destructive behaviors or caring for mental health, then an intervention can help start them on the path to treatment.

Sober Transport

Our professional coaches can escort the loved one from their location to the treatment program, providing safety and ensuring arrival.

In-Home Rehab

Due to several reasons, often is not possible for an individual to go to an inpatient program. In this case we can create the structure and professional support of an inpatient program, but within your own life.

Mental Health Coaches

Mental Health Coaches play a dynamic role in helping someone to stabilize and ultimately live into the life they deserve.

Case Management

Case management services are a comprehensive, all-encompassing support especially where due to certain factors the engagement in needed long-term.


If a person’s condition is acute and remaining in the home to pursue in-home rehab or outpatient services would put their health at risk, then immediate hospitalization is advised.

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