Andrew Dits

CEO | Manager

For Andrew Dits addiction and mental health as well as the treatment for them are part of his earliest memories having been raised in a family of alcoholics and nurses. His own relationship with addiction and trauma led him to seek the help of recovery groups, medicine, healers and many different kinds of therapy till eventually he found freedom. Doing this work in his own life was the invaluable lived experience that prepared him to help others professionally. Over 10 years he worked in hospitals, with companies and privately as a highly sought after recovery & mental health coach.

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Judy Choix, LMHC

Director of Training

Judy is a New York State Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) trained in Gestalt and body psychotherapy. She is the founder of the Full Gestalt. Believing that the body holds the wisdom to heal itself, her practice combines talk therapy with various forms of energy work to facilitate awareness around malfunctioning energy patterns in a person’s system.

Judy is also certified in Integral Somatic Psychotherapy (a master training in body psychotherapy), Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy (a hands-on healing modality), yoga, as well as having years of training in other various healing modalities such as AEDP, Coherence Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, homeopathy, aromatherapy, and herbal healing. Her work integrates body, mind, and spirit reconnecting disenfranchised parts with the whole so individuals can live fuller more authentic lives.

Our Coaches

A great coach is a delicate, complex role that requires the right personality, intuition and training. They don’t work in an office for an hour. They work non-stop in your life. They blend in. They know when to push. They know when to pull back. They know how to develop a relationship of trust to help you move beyond your resistance to growth. Because of this, it requires more skill than a typical caregiver.

Certified. Trained. Trauma-Informed.
Clinically supervised.

We choose our coaches because of their natural abilities and specific backgrounds. Their lived experience is the invaluable education they bring. But we don’t stop there.

Certified through the NY board and nationally-recognized CCAR program. Trauma informed and trained in attachment styles by renown therapist, Judy Choix. Case managed by coach, Andrew Dits, backed by 10+ years experience in the field. When you work with a single coach, you work with an entire team.

Our Clinicians

Our relationships span psychiatrists, therapists, healers, nutritionists, and practitioners  of all kinds.

Some people who support the work we do:

If you don’t have a clinical team, we can help you build one. We only work with practitioners we know and trust. If you already have a team, we are here to support. Our coaches are adept at integrating to work with different clinicians and treatment plans. Sometimes, it’s this extra element of support that can spark change into action.

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