Case Management

case management

How It Works

Case management services are a comprehensive, all-encompassing support especially where due to certain factors the engagement is needed long-term.

When there is cognitive impairment, executive functioning impairment and other challenges which require ongoing attention to meet life’s regular needs. When someone is resistant to treatment or has finished treatment, and needs a trained, knowledgeable relationship to consult with and help them continue moving in the right direction.

Case management does many things from connecting an individual to vital resources in alignment with their wellbeing, oversees and reports among their treatment team, advocates for the individual legally, with family, with work, or with their trust, helps maintaining accountability, provides emotional support and guidance. This is a relationship that considers the bigger vision and how to move toward what the individual needs.


Anytime you engage services with SOHL you are receiving case management. Behind any single person that works with you, whether it be a Mental Health Coach or clinical referral, we are with you.

It is hard enough to do the work alone. When you don’t know where to start, or you can’t keep going. When you don’t know who to work with or who to trust among all the providers and practitioners. When there is pressure in your life and you need an advocate who can help you lay out a plan, find the players, and motivate you to pursue making change a reality.

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