The Power of
Human connection to Heal the Soul

Customized care for anyone living with substance use disorder, mental illness or behavioral issues.

We provide the best clinicians and coaches to build the support you need into your life so that you can grow there. Discreet, Confidential, Integrated. We meet you where you are, but we don’t leave you there.

“Like much of what we do for our clients, coaching is both an art and a science, requiring clinical judgment, shared decision making and compassion.”


Our Team

andrew dits sohl

Andrew Dits

CEO | Manager

Over 10 years he worked in hospitals, with companies and privately as a highly sought after recovery & mental health coach.

Judy Choix, LMHC

Director of Training

Judy is a New York State Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) trained in Gestalt and body psychotherapy.

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